Iced Tea: The Drink of the Summer!

Iced Tea: The Drink of the Summer!

Summer is here and the heat is downright sinful! Redeem your spirit and hydrate your flesh with the better-for-you beverage of the summer—Sister Shaq's Sacrilicious Iced Teas!


During these hot summer months, it's essential to hydrate. Coffee is high in caffeine which ultimately causes dehydration. Sister Shaq's tea gives you a nice caffeine boost with tons of health benefits, like antioxidants, without dehydrating you. What to learn more about the scientific benefits of tea—click here!


Now might be thinking "Great—but how could I drink hot tea when it's nearly 100 degrees outside?" Let us spread the good news that Sister Shaq's confession worthy™ teas can also be served iced—some members of The Congregation even say they taste better cold!


Iced tea is the quintessential summer beverage, offering a refreshing and revitalizing escape from the scorching heat. With its crisp and cool nature, Sister Shaq's sweet tea over ice quenches thirst and replenishes energy levels. The combination of the tea's natural antioxidants and the invigorating chill of ice makes it an ideal choice for summer hydration.


Click the image below for one of our favorite iced tea recipes with our refreshing Righteous Riesling—Arnold Palmers just got even more blessed!



Holy Arnold Palmer Recipe:

  • Add all ingredients to a large pitcher of ice

    • Lemon slices and summer fruit of choice

    • 2 cups of chilled Righteous Riesling (you can either cold brew over night, hot brew and refrigerate, or hot brew and cool over ice) 

    • Simple syrup to desired sweetness (equal parts hot water and white sugar)

    • Juice of 2-3 lemons

  • Stir and pour over ice!


Use the code "SISTERSHAQSUMMER" for 15% off any purchase with Righteous Riesling!


So, whether you're lounging by the pool, enjoying a picnic in the park, or simply seeking relief from the summer heat, a glass of Sister Shaq's sweet tea chilled over ice is the perfect companion to keep you cool, refreshed, and satisfied throughout the sunny season. Not only does it keep you cool with each sip and sigh, but it also saves lives!


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