The Sister Shaq Tea Company™

Tea Tips

Let us show you everything you need to properly enjoy our Confession Worthy™ teas so you can make them a habit!

Brewing Commandments

1. Thou Shalt Select Your Tea

Choose your Confession Worthy™ tea and scoop out the amount suggested on the label into your infuser or filter bag

2. Thou Shalt Heat Your Water

If you have a controllable kettle, set it to the recommended temperature on the tea label (if not, boil water and allow it to cool to the recommended temperature)

3. Thou Shalt Steep Your Tea

Place your infuser into your selected tea vessel and gently pour your water over and allow the divine miracle of tea to occur (wait for the recommended amount of time on the tea label)

4. Thou Shalt Enjoy Your Tea

Remove your infuser from your vessel and if thou thirsts for more, you can use the same tea leaves for another cup of Confession Worthy™ tea (carry on again from Commandment #2)

Brewing Beatitudes

Blessed Are Those Who:

- Drink Sister Shaq's tea for their taste buds shall be redeemed!

- Double the recommended tea amount for a stronger flavor for they shall be especially satisfied!

- Say a prayer while their Confession Worthy™ tea steeps for they shall be doubly blessed!

- Steep their tea leaves a second time for they shall receive more flavor deliverance!

- Use Sister Shaq tea in other recipes for they shall see more of what tea can be!

- Use the QR code to learn about Sister Shaq's partner charities and vote, for they shall not only feel good but do good with their tea!