Solomon's Secret

The Bible says Solomon was the wisest man to ever walk the earth and that he had 700 wives (and 300 concubines). Many wonder how even the wisest man could have so many wives. We have found Solomon's Secret—this incredible love potion tea!

Dark chocolate, caramel, and a mix of black and dark tea prepared using ancient methods create a biblically approved aphrodisiac! For coffee acolytes, this tea will replace your daily dose of java and for decadent chocolate lovers, this delicious tea will rescue you from those devilish sugar cravings. 

We aren't saying you should have 700 spouses (and 300 concubines), just that you could with Solomon's Secret tea!


2 oz of our tea makes ~17-25 cups which comes out ~$0.60 per cup! Includes sample disposable tea filter bags so you can enjoy our tea immediately or you can purchase our Perfect Cup Tea Infuser.